Ideas to Cover a Coffee Table

A coffee table is a vital piece of furniture in your home and can be the central focus of a room. It helps to create mood and character, and reflects your personality, so it is important not to ignore it. With a few ideas on how to cover it, you can transform your coffee table into a work of art.

Decorative Box

Decorative boxes can be considered compact works of art, and they are a unique idea to cover your coffee table with. Choose a box that suits your tastes, but make sure it complements the decoration and colour scheme of the room. Just one reasonably sized decorative box should be enough to create a pretty look. Here, less is definitely more, but don’t pick a box that is too tiny; it can easily get lost on the table.

Seasonal Flowers

There is little more beautiful than covering your coffee table with seasonal blooms. A bouquet of flowers, such as magnolias or tulips, is a great idea that will cheer up the room in no time. You can place your flowers in a traditional vase or urn, but if you want something a bit more creative, you could use a wicker basket, an earthenware crock or even a silver pitcher. Move your flowers off-centre for an edgier, more modern feel.

Books and Magazines

Displaying an array of books and magazines on your coffee table adds interest and character to the room. Make sure to choose texts that are tasteful and reflect your personality. If you just want books on your table, opt for a few hardcover volumes that are not too thick. Try to use books that have appealing covers and that tie in with the colour scheme of the room.

Coffee Table Runner

Runners can help to create ambience in a room and are a wonderful idea to use to cover your coffee table. They can be used as ornamentation on their own or as a basis for more decoration, such as flowers. Make sure to choose a runner that, above all, complements the decoration or theme of your room. They can be as simple or as patterned as you like, and can be made from a range of materials, such as satin or antique lace.

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