Birthday gifts for eight-year-old girls

Updated February 21, 2017

Purchasing a birthday gift for an eight-year-old girl can get a little tricky. She's growing out of small childhood, but she's not quite a tween yet. She might feel insulted if you give her a gift she considers babyish. Consult with her mom to ascertain if she's into any specific hobbies or characters before you purchase anything. Then consider her strengths and weaknesses.

Active Gifts

An eight-year-old girl's athleticism is maturing. She is getting better at gross motor skills. Depending on the girl, and who she has to play with her, she might enjoy a skateboard, scooter, bike, roller blades, tennis racket, skipping rope or hula hoop. If she takes ballet or gymnastic lessons, she might appreciate a gift pertaining to that activity, such as a new outfit. Consider giving her a gift token to bowling or miniature golf. Wrap it up inside a box where you placed small treats, such as candy.

Collections and Books

Girls of this age often like to collect things. If she already has a collection, then it's easy to add to it. If not, consider starting a collection of things for her, such as a few interesting rock specimens purchased from a museum. Language and reading skills are established at this age, and eight-year-old girls enjoy learning new things. Include an interesting book about rocks to accompany her collection. Consider other things she likes to read about and purchase books on the subject. Girls at this age enjoy reading about the lives of girls in history. This is a good age to give the classic books such as "Little Women."

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are generally a favourite activity among eight-year-old girls. Package a box of art material. Consider purchasing an easel to foster her budding art abilities. Any sort of craft item that comes with all the necessary parts in a prepackaged box will make a girl happy. Girls like to make things with home looms, and easy knitters are available for the young girl to make projects, such as scarves and hats.

Games and Music

Traditional board games are usually an enjoyable activity, along with electronic games. She may have a video game system for which you can purchase a game, or she may enjoy a handheld electronic game. Consider a DVD game version of the classic games such as Clue. Girls this age love to sing and dance to music, making a karaoke machine a gift she can enjoy alone or with her friends and family. She may also appreciate a gift of an MP3 player so she can listen to her favourite music.

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