Birthday gifts for men 50 years old & older

Updated April 17, 2017

As men get older, their needs and tastes may change. An older man is unlikely to want the same type of gift at age 50 that he did at age 20, or even 30. The most important thing to take into consideration when buying a birthday gift for a man 50 or older is that the gift should be tailored to his current likes, tastes and needs.

Weekend Getaway

By the time a man reaches his 50th birthday, he's sometimes tied down to his career, children and other responsibilities. So a weekend getaway trip for two may be a gift he'd really appreciate. Look for a trip that matches his personal interests. For example, a two-day skiing trip, romantic cruise, gambling trip or spa vacation are all viable options that aren't prohibitively expensive. Some travel agents and websites even offer special package rates.

Concert Tickets

If the birthday guy enjoys music, he might like tickets to see one of his favourite acts in concert. Check his music collection to gauge his interests, then check around for an upcoming concert by an act he enjoys or in the style of music he likes. For example, if he's a classical music lover, check the listings of the local or regional symphony house.

Vintage Wine

If he enjoys alcohol or is a wine enthusiast, buying him a vintage wine could be a good gift, particularly if the vintage matches the year of his birth. There are many retailers that sell wine gift baskets, which can include various gourmet items, such as cheeses, smoked salmon, nuts, fruit and chocolate. If he doesn't like wine, champagne and beer gift baskets are also available.

Anti-Aging Products

As men get older, their skin needs more attention to ward off the effects of the sun and other elements. Getting a 50-plus-year-old man a skincare products kit for his birthday could help him slow or reverse some of the symptoms of ageing. Products to look for include cleansers that wash away dead skin, moisturisers, which protect against dryness, and sunscreens to guard against harmful rays.

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