Gun Rack Projects

Updated April 17, 2017

Having a custom made gun rack can turn your gun collection from an unorganised jumble of tools into a work of art you can be proud to display to your friends. These racks can be made to suit most needs, whether your needs are for securing them at your home or displaying them in a pleasing manner at a gun show.

Nine Gun Rack

A freestanding nine gun rack can be made for long guns such as rifles and shotguns out of pine using a simple plan. This rack can hold a large collection of guns in a vertical position and is fairly easy and straight forward to construct for anyone with a few tools and a little construction know-how.

Single Rifle Display Stand

This very simple design is a great way to display a single firearm in a horizontal position, whether offering it for sale at a gun show or showing off a particularly nice weapon on a mantle or shelf in your home. A single 8-foot section of 1-by-4 limber is enough to to make up to four of these single gun display racks.

Mutliple Gun Display Rack

These racks can be modified to fit just about any number of guns you want displayed. They are simple to build out of 1-by-4 or up to 1-by-8 boards, and can display your guns in a pleasing manner. They are a modified version of the single gun display rack, and can easily be built in a single afternoon.

Upright Handgun Rack

This simple design can display multiple handguns at a gun show or can be used to store them at your home. Lengths of 1-by-8 boards are cut to size to suit the needs of your handgun collection, and the racks can be made to stack on top of each other to maximise your storage space.

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