Fruit & vegetable smoothie diets

With all the diets around, it is hard to find a diet that can help you lose weight while enjoying delicious food. Smoothie diets are a good choice for those who cannot live without dessert. Vegetable and fruit smoothies can provide a nutritional substitute to those dessert cravings while trying to shed extra pounds. These smoothies taste good and are natural raw foods that offer less calories than artificial smoothies. Depending on your favourite fruits and vegetable you can make different combinations of smoothies.


The nutritional value of fruit and vegetable smoothie diets are as great as eating the whole foods themselves. Getting the required servings of both fruits and vegetables through smoothies is good in order to maintain a balanced diet. Vegetable smoothie diets involve drinking a green smoothie made up of raw vegetables including celery, tomatoes and veggies of your choice. Blend them together and add a few drops of honey to sweeten the taste. People on this diet will either substitute a fruit or vegetable smoothie for breakfast, allowing them to get enough fuel to work throughout the day.

Weight Loss

Fruit and vegetable smoothie diets are mainly used for weight loss purposes. Having a smoothie not only gives you the nutritional benefits of all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy daily diet but it lessens the amount of calories as well. Fruit and vegetable smoothies keep your body from entering the starvation mode which can often cause people to rebound and eat more.

Fighting Diseases

Since fruits and vegetables are filled with nutrition and antioxidants they allow human bodies to fight off infections. The abundance of antioxidants help fight off free radicals that harm the body's immune system and injure tissue and organs. Anti-oxidants help heal the body as well. They help the body seal wounds and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. The fibre in the vegetables and fruits promote gastrointestinal health and help cleanse the body preventing any intestinal diseases.


Smoothies are a great tasting way to gain nutrition on a daily basis whether your goal is to lose weight or just be simply healthy. Depending on your taste, most people substitute fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast and even dessert. Adding drops of honey can make any smoothie taste sweeter for dessert lovers. If you don't have much of a sweet tooth, then substituting natural juices such as lemon or lime juice gives a smoothie that tangy, zesty taste.

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