Costumes for kids from the '60s & '70s

Updated November 21, 2016

If your little one plans to dress up in a costume style from a bygone era, the 1960s and 1970s have a nearly endless amount of fun choices. From the colourful, peace-loving looks of the 1960s to the groovy and funky styles of the 1970s, every child can find a perfect look to wear for Halloween or a theme party.

Tie-Dyed Flower Child

A relatively simple costume to put together is that of a flower child from the hippie styles of the 1960s and 1970s. Bell-bottomed jeans or corduroys can still be bought today or can be found at thrift stores. Pair them with a brightly-coloured tie-dyed T-shirt that can be purchased or made at home. Kids will love to learn how to tie-dye and choose the colours and pattern of their own hippie shirt. Complete the look with a long wig or a garland of flowers worn around the head.

British Invasion

The Mod look of the 1960s came over from London with the Beatles and took America by storm. Boys will look fab dressed in a Beatles style suit and shaggy moptop hairdo. Girls will be groovy indeed in a psychedelic-patterned minidress with tights and knee-high go-go boots. Be sure to get a sash of material that matches the dress and tie it in hair as a headband, backcombing and spraying the hair just behind the headband to stand up. Over-sized sunglasses will complete the Mod look.


To truly celebrate the 1970s, dress your child up as a little disco star. Dresses or miniskirts made of shiny lame will look adorable on girls, while boys can show their disco fever in a polyester suit or trousers worn with a wide-collared shirt. Disco Afro wigs can be found in every colour of the rainbow and are the perfect accent to make any outfit scream disco. Satin jackets were also big in the disco era and are a fun way to stay true to the style and stay warm for trick-or-treating.

Glam Rock Star

The Glam Rock Stars of the 1970s had outrageous looks all their own. Any kid will have a blast and will be the coolest around dressed up like one of these music stars. A disco costume made out of a sparkly satin or lame can be given a spiky red shag wig and some make-up and be turned into Ziggy Stardust. Perhaps the most iconic glam rock group of the 1970s was KISS. Black leather trousers or even black jeans can be turned into a KISS look with the right black wig, a torn up T-shirt and the black and white KISS make-up.

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