If You Block Someone on Skype, Will They See You Online?

When you authorise someone as a contact on Skype, default settings allow that person to see a green checkmark whenever you've signed in. If someone has been bothering you or you simply want to fly under the radar with a contact, you can choose to block that contact. When a contact is blocked, he or she will no longer be able to see when you sign in. By understanding the pros and cons of blocking on Skype and how to implement blocking, you can use the feature for more privacy.

Blocking Features

Blocking allows you to appear offline to certain people in your contact list on Skype. When a contact sends you an authorisation request and you accept, you're telling the Skype software you want that contact to see your activities and settings. In order to block a contact from seeing your activity, you'll need to block her individually by using Skype's features. Once you've blocked someone, she will always see you as offline with a question mark beside your name in her contact list.

How to Block

Blocking someone instead of deleting them from your list altogether offers the benefit of doing so without the contact knowing you've taken action against him. To block a contact, find his name on your contact list and right-click his name. Choose "Block" from the bottom of the list. Immediately you should see a red symbol appear beside that name. From that point forward, not only can the contact not see you when you're online, he also cannot initiate chats, video chats or messaging with you.

Am I Blocked?

If you're suspicious someone on your contact list has blocked you, check the symbol beside her name on your contact list. While offline contacts will have an "x" beside their name, contacts who have not accepted requests or who have blocked you will have a question mark beside their name. The question mark may also mean that contact has unregistered with Skype, so it's not a sure sign you've been blocked yourself.

Advantages of Blocking

When you block someone on your contact list, he or she can still see your name on the list; it will just seem as if you never come online. If a blocked contact attempts to call you, the options to call will have been removed or the call will simply fail. If you delete a contact from your list altogether, the contact will know when you disappear from his or her list or when another authorisation request has to be sent in order to contact you. Blocking is a discreet way to protect your privacy and sanity when using Skype.

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