Signs that a person is falling out of love

Updated July 19, 2017

In the beginning of a relationship, both people are getting to know one another and learning about each other's hobbies, interests, personality and habits. Even if two people feel that they are a perfect fit in the beginning, there is always a chance that one or both of them will fall out of love. Consider the signs to look for when this may be happening.


Someone who is losing interest in a relationship will begin to find many reasons to become upset. He may start to pick fights over everything in an attempt to make his partner the one that ends the relationship. If the relationship doesn't end quickly when his feelings are gone, the arguments may elevate as time goes on, leading to both people screaming often and even putting each other down with hurtful remarks.

Becoming Distant

A person who is falling out of love will become distant as time goes on. She may avoid physical affection or act frustrated by it. She will begin to communicate her feelings less often and it will be difficult to convince her to open up. Even when the couple is together, she will spend time on her own and avoid conversation.

Spending Time Apart

When losing interest in the relationship, a partner may begin to put an excessive amount of focus on hobbies and interests. These hobbies may become an excuse for him to spend more time apart and he may say that his friends or colleagues want him to spend more time on the activities. This may also show up as an excessive amount of time spent at work or doing work activities.


Cheating is more likely to occur in a relationship where one of both partners are no longer in love but remain together. Cheating can occur in an emotional form, where the partner develops a strong attachment to a man outside of her relationship. Likewise, cheating can also escalate to a physical level.

Breaking Up

Someone who is in a relationship he no longer wishes to be in may think about breaking up frequently. He may even hint at it to his partner or bring it up during arguments. Sometimes, he will even go so far as to end the relationship but then take his partner back due to guilt or fear of being alone.

Bad Habits

In the beginning of a relationship, couples discover quirky habits that the other person has and they often find these habits to be cute. As the relationship progresses, if feelings begin to weaken, those same habits will start to become annoying. They may lead to frequent arguments.

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