Twins First Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

First birthday parties are a fun and exciting time for family and friends of a baby. When twins are turning 1 year old, it can mean double the enjoyment, but also double the presents. If you have been invited to a first birthday party for twins, choose a gift that both the babies and their parents will love.

Matching Clothes

As twins get older, they will likely each want to develop their own sense of style. While they are babies, however, you still have the chance to dress the twins up in cute matching outfits. Since babies grow out of clothing so quickly, parents will appreciate new items. You can get specific "first birthday" clothing or opt for something more practical, such as matching pink T-shirts for twin girls or matching blue sweatshirts for twin boys.


Another route for buying first birthday gifts for twins is to purchase a keepsake that they can enjoy as they get older. Lockets with pictures of the twins inside can be a nice gift for twin girls. Sports themed frames with the twins' names on them and pictures of the twins inside can be a great gift for boys. Parents love keepsakes and the twins can look back on these memories as they get older.

Teddy Bears

Babies love stuffed animals. Give the twins a cuddly gift. This can be a great gift for twins who are not the same gender. You can go to a store such as Build-A-Bear and make one bear to look like the girl twin and another to look like the boy twin. You can add various accessories to these bears including tiny glasses, a special dress or any other items that remind you of the real life children.

Things The Parents Can Use to Help the Twins

When in doubt, ask the parents what they need. Raising twins can be expensive. Parents can always use extra bibs and other accessories. A wagon can be another item parents can utilise to pull both kids around the playground. If you are a close friend or family member looking to spend a sizeable amount of money, you can see if the parents need a new double stroller or other large item. You can also opt to buy a small toy for each of the twins to open and then also include a gift card so that the parents can buy things the twins need.

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