Celtic irish wedding hairstyles

Inspired by country lore and natural Celtic looks, Irish wedding hairstyles are perfect for a traditional wedding. These clean and simple styles put the emphasis on a fresh, youthful look and bless your wedding day with good luck. If you have a more contemporary ceremony in mind, you can still let tradition inspire your hairstyle by incorporating the essential features in a modern way.


Irish brides often wear their hair in braids, to symbolise feminine power and luck. Traditionally these are fine braids that are often woven into a neat and tidy up-do. You could pull the front of the hair back, keeping it sleek and then take separate fine sections to braid. Wrap hair into a large, rounded bun crisscrossing and winding the braids around it as you go, to form a decorative up-do. Decorate this style with flowers, or attach your veil at the front of the bun.

For a dramatic, contemporary up-do, blow-dry your hair straight. Braid as many sections of hair as desired and then curl the remaining hair with ceramic tongs to get neat, smooth ringlets. Pin and sculpt the braids and curls into your shape of choice, securing with matt hair grips. You could backcomb under the front section of hair to give a little lift, and then smooth the top of the hair down over it. Fix a tiara to the backcombed section, if desired.


Wearing lavender flowers in the hair as well as in your bridal bouquet symbolises luck. These pretty blue blooms also smell fragrant. It is easy to wear lavender if you have braids or an up-do, because the stems can be tucked into the hair and secured with grips. You could also use wildflowers to decorate hair, studding an up-do with tiny blooms instead of pearls or crystals. A country-style, rustic wedding look could be completed with a crown of wildflowers.

Celtic Hair

Not all brides have the flame-red tresses of the Irish, but you can make your hair look more Celtic-inspired for your wedding day. If you have naturally warm, red or strawberry blond hair, keep it looking rich and bright by using a natural colour-enhancing hair shampoo and conditioner. Curl straight hair with tongs, and brush the curls through gently, with a large paddle brush to soften them into soft waves. This style is not only inspired by traditional Celtic curls, but it also is a soft, romantic look for your wedding day.


Classic Irish Celtic bridal styles are best on long hair, but if you have shorter hair, there are many ways to pay tribute to tradition in a modern way. Your florist could wire fresh Irish wildflowers and lavender to a band or clip, to wear at the side of short hair.

If you don't want to wear flowers, you could spray a natural lavender fragrance into your hair. This works especially well with long hair, worn at least partially down. As you walk around, your tresses will waft the fragrance of lavender behind you.

For a non-traditional hairstyle, experiment with a range of modern braids like the French plait or fishtail plait, worn as part of a casual up-do, or braided along the side of you hair.

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