Ideas for '80s couple's costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

For some people, the 1980s were the decade that style forgot; for others, it was an enlightened era. If you and your partner fall into the latter category and are going to an '80s theme night, there are many recognisable couples you can coordinate your outfits around. Mullets and headbands are optional.

Baby and Johnny

If you're hoping to have the time of your life, go as Baby and Johnny from the famous 1980s movie, "Dirty Dancing." Johnny wears black trousers, a tight black T-shirt, and shiny black dancing shoes. His hair is voluminous with a side-parting. Baby wears a pink knee-length dress with white heels, and has shoulder-length curly brown hair. Sharpen your dancing moves -- other partygoers may expect a performance.

Mork and Mindy

Mork, the TV alien from Ork who hatched from an egg, can wear either a red flight suit with an inverted white triangle on the front, or a multicoloured long-sleeved top with rainbow braces. Mindy usually wore an open neck short-sleeved shirt, but the key point is the hair, with the fringe parted down the centre. In character, Mork is a little wacky, and as an alien makes the occasional social faux pas, such as wearing clothes backwards or saying KO instead of OK. His catchphrase is "Nanu Nanu." Mindy makes excuses for Mork's behaviour to hide his alien identity from other people.

Sam and Diane/Rebecca

"Cheers," one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time, saw two notable couples -- Sam and Diane, and Sam and Rebecca. Sam wears jeans, long-sleeved polo shirts, and possibly some of the most hideous jumpers seen on television. The notorious volume and lift of Sam's hair requires copious amounts of hairspray. For Diane, long blonde hair and a loosefitting dress with a belt are the ticket, and for aspiring businesswoman Rebecca, long brunette hair and a slightly more masculine look are the order of the day -- try a knee-length black skirt, with tights and black high heels, and a coloured (green, red, or purple would be ideal) suit jacket with shoulder pads.

Maverick and Charlie

In "Top Gun," one of Tom Cruise's signature films, flyboy Maverick falls for flight instructor Charlie. Maverick wears a flight suit and aviators, Charlie a leather jacket and tight-fitting jeans. Maverick is self-assured and a little cocky, while Charlie is more reserved and academic but falls for Maverick's charms eventually. For additional effect, Maverick should recreate one of the movie's classic scenes by singing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," rousing the entire party to join in.

Han and Leia

Sci-fi fans may want to go as one of space's most famous couples -- Han Solo and Princess Leia from "Star Wars." Han wears a white open-collared shirt and waistcoat, with tight black trousers and black boots. Princess Leia has two options. The safe route is an ankle-length white dress, with a collar covering the neck. Braver partygoers can consider the classic gold bikini, as seen in "Return of the Jedi." Either way the hair should be wrapped into a bun shape, covering the ears. Both can carry blaster guns.

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