Ideas for a 70th birthday cake

Updated July 20, 2017

A birthday is a time to celebrate a person's life, and a 70th birthday is a special occasion for family and friends to come together and mark a loved one's seventh decade. At the party it is customary to serve a birthday cake that is especially designed for the birthday woman. There are many 70th birthday cake ideas, including some that are funny and others that are nice and sweet.

Golf Cake

Many people take on a hobby during the later years of life. Think of the hobby of the birthday man and have the picture on the cake represent his favourite hobby. For example, a man who likes to play golf will love to have a golf cake at his 70th birthday party. One idea for a golf cake is to make a golf course and an old man holding onto a putter about to hit a ball in the hole.

Pretty Flower Cake

A mother and grandmother reaching the age of 70 will appreciate a pretty birthday cake with a nice, funny saying written on it. One idea is to decorate the cake with pretty pink flowers with green stems on top and bottom of the cake. In the middle, write the saying "Birthdays are good for you, the more you have the longer you live."

Badge Cake

A 70-year-old man has lived in the world a long time and should feel proud of all that he has accomplished thus far in his life. Presenting the man with a birthday cake badge will make him feel good and bring a smile to his face. On the cake, make a large star and write "70" inside it. Above the star write, "I'm 70 and I'm proud of it."

Picture Cake

A 70th birthday picture cake is another possibility. One idea is to have a picture of the birthday woman placed on the cake and write "70 happy years and many more." Another idea for a grandmother is to put pictures of the grandchildren and write "70 and a lot to show for it." The birthday woman will be happy to see a cake with the grandchildren that she loves pictured on it.

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