Good Present Ideas for a 6-Year-Old Girl

Updated July 20, 2017

You can choose from a number of different gifts for a 6-year-old girl that are outside the usual dolls and clothes. Consider unique gifts or activities that will be new and exciting for your recipient. Think about her interests when choosing your gift.

Day Out

Take the child out to a location of her choice for the day. Plan to leave early in the afternoon for lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon doing a special activity. Some ideas are a trip to the movies, the zoo or an outdoor park. For a more interactive activity, paint ceramics at a pottery store. Many will allow you to paint your chosen ceramic piece, and they will glaze it for you to pick up within a week. Once it's finished, the child can hang her masterpiece on her bedroom wall.


Educational gifts can help young children to develop. If the child is not your own, speak to her parents and ask if there are any special areas where she could use a little educational boost. At age 6, many children can benefit from math and language arts help. Another idea is giving the girl a program to help her learn a second language. These programs include interactive activities and games to make it fun and to help children become more familiar with the new language. No age is too young to start learning new things.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and craft gifts are entertaining for young kids, and they will allow your recipient to create something for herself. Some ideas are bead or jewellery making kits, paint-by-numbers and sand art. Some other ideas that may require help from an adult or increased supervision are stained glass kits and wind chime makers. Once the girl finishes her creation, she will feel satisfied and accomplished.


Six-year-old children are still developing their reading skills. Witty books with exciting pictures are gifts to consider. Get your recipient a book set, giving her a lasting gift to enjoy. Make sure that the books you give are age appropriate. Consider books that will mirror the child's interests.

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