Wedding vow renewal gifts

Updated July 20, 2017

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies are events where married couples reaffirm their commitment to one another in the presence of family and friends. Though a vow renewal may include many wedding-like elements, such as cake and floral arrangements, one big difference is that couples who are renewing their vows traditionally do not register for gifts. When you are invited to a wedding vow renewal ceremony, the couple usually considers your presence at the event to be a present in its own right. However, on such a special occasion, it's natural for attendees to want to give the couple a gift.

Anniversary Theme

Many couples plan their vow renewal ceremonies to coincide with major milestone anniversaries. In these instances, it's appropriate to give a gift that matches the material specified for that anniversary. Each anniversary milestone has a traditional and a modern gift associated with it. For example, if a couple were to hold a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, you could choose to give a traditional gift of china or a modern gift of platinum. Since gift materials tend to get more expensive as the number of anniversary years increases, fulfilling milestones like jade or diamond anniversaries will require some creativity if you don't want to break the bank.

A Memorable Experience

Most couples who are renewing their wedding vows already have all the items they need to run a household; after all, they've been married for many years. Consider giving them the gift of a memorable experience together so they can celebrate after their vow renewal ceremony is complete. This can be anything from a simple gift token to a romantic restaurant, to an elaborately planned weekend getaway at a cosy bed and breakfast. Adventuresome couples might appreciate skydiving lessons, while a busy couple would likely love to be pampered with his-and-her massages at a day spa.

Something Old

Nothing celebrates the true meaning of a wedding vow renewal ceremony quite like a handmade gift that references the couple's wedding. Perhaps you have an invitation, cocktail napkin or reception favour that you saved from their wedding many years ago. Place this object in a shadowbox frame with a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day, and you will bring back treasured memories while also giving a thoughtful, meaningful gift. If you don't have favours, make a collage or scrapbook of wedding and honeymoon photos, adding special touches such as dried flowers from the bride's bouquet or colours from bridesmaid gowns if possible.

Charitable Gift

If you truly believe the couple does not want gifts, but you still want to do something to celebrate the reaffirmation of their love, consider making a charitable donation in their names. Think about the organisations and issues that are important to the couple; perhaps they love animals or put in time with local volunteer groups. You can donate money directly to an organisation or purchase and deliver needed supplies to them, and document your deed in a card for the couple to open after the ceremony. They will be touched by your generosity and pleased that their special event spurred you to help make a difference to a cause they care about.

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