Unique Bunk Beds for Dogs

Updated June 13, 2017

Dog bunk beds are separate beds, one above the other, with either a ladder or a set of steps leading from the floor to the upper bunk. The beds are cute and unique styles abound, but care should be exercised before deciding to use a bunk bed with any dog.


Dog bunk beds present more benefits to humans than they do to animals. Bunk beds take up little floor space making them appropriate for apartments, condos or small homes. If your dog likes to share your bed with you but you want him out, the upper bunk will be approximately the same height as your bed and your dog will still feel like he is close by.


There are a number of safety concerns that surround the use of bunk beds for dogs. If the beds have a ladder or wooden steps, your dog could slip and fall while attempting to access the upper bunk. Dogs that are scared may fall out of the bed and this could cause serious injury to your pet. Also, aged or feeble pets may find it difficult to climb up and down the ladder or steps.


There are several things to consider before purchasing or making a dog bunk bed. Dog bunk beds come in a number of styles, materials and sizes. You will need to ensure that the bed you choose is comfortable, easy to access and properly-sized for your pet. You will also need to teach your dog how to use the bunk bed as it will likely not be in his nature to do so. Keep in mind that your dog may never be comfortable using a bunk bed despite your efforts and it would be wrong to force him to use it.

Unique Styles

If you do choose to use a bunk bed with your dog, there are several options. Use bunk bed frames that coordinate with your home decor such as pine frames for country-inspired homes or steel frames for a more contemporary feel. Also look for machine-washable fabrics in fun or interesting patterns and textures for the "mattresses." Finally, try using a double mattress for the bottom of the bed and a single mattress on top. That way, multiple pets can snuggle together on the bottom bunk.

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