Science projects on rocket cars

Written by joan collins
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Science projects on rocket cars
Build your own model rocket car! ( Images)

Build a model rocket car. It can be for a school science fair experiment, for a race with your friends or for display. Regardless of your reason for building your model rocket car, there are different designs to consider. Pick a simple balloon rocket or a more complex Mentos rocket car.

Balloon Rocket Car

Balloon rocket cars are the most basic rocket cars. Provide each child with a balloon, a bendable straw, two straight straws and duct tape. They will also need a side of a small cardboard box, two wooden skewers, play dough and four pop bottle caps with small holes in the centre. Students cut a car from the cardboard, making it about 1/2-inch wider than the skewers and longer than the straw. Duct tape the two straight straws to the bottom of the cardboard, about one-inch from each end. Thread the skewers through the straws. Place the pop bottle caps on the ends of the skewers and hold them in place with the play dough. Tape the bendable straw to the top of the rocket car, in the centre. It should run the length of the car. Blow up the balloon and attach it to the straw. Let go.

Air-Powered Rocket Car

Build a car from Legos. Strap a soda bottle to the top using wire. Fill the bottle one-third full of water. Screw the lid on the bottle tightly enough to keep the water from spilling out, but loose enough to pop off. Push a needle from a hand-held air pump through the centre of the lid. Place the rocket car on the runway and begin pumping the air pump. When the pressure has build up enough, the lid will pop and the car will take off.

Baking Soda Rocket Car

Wrap construction paper around a film canister and tape together for form a tube. Have the lid of the film canister facing out at one end of the tube. Cut the tube to make it four inches long. Make a cone for the end by cutting a three-inch circle and cutting it half way. Over-lap the cut edges and tape them shut. Tape it to the open end of the tube. Tape the entire tube to the top of a lightweight plastic car. Hold the rocket car upside down, with the film canister at the top. Remove the lid and press tissue paper filled with baking soda into the canister. Add two tablespoons of vinegar. Quickly replace the canister lid and set the car on the floor.

Mentos-powered Rocket

Decorate a soda bottle. Tape it down to a lightweight plastic car with the bottom facing the front of the car. Create a cone with lightweight cardboard by cutting out a four-inch circle. Over-lap the edges and tape it down with duct tape. Tape the cone to the bottom of the bottle. Put carbonated soda in the bottle. Add several Mentos mints and put a cork in the bottle. Set it down and move to the side. The cork will pop and the rocket car will blast off.

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