Ideas for Pub Night Fundraisers

Updated February 21, 2017

Holding a pub-night fundraiser can benefit the charitable organisation and the pub. The charity will raise money for the evening, while the pub will receive new customers even if it is not reaping all the profits. Approach a local pub's management on a slow night and give a partnership proposal.

Work for Tips

Donate all the evening's tips to the charity. This can be done with regular wait staff, or by using people from the charity or organisation as the evening's servers. If you use the pub's wait staff, the owner should pay them a base amount for the evening since servers' minimum wage is below that of people who don't rely on tips for income. Extra tip jars can be set up in the bar area to increase the amount of giving.

Official Drink

Create a themed drink for the evening. This can be a beer, wine or mixed cocktail. Give the beverage a name that coincides with the charity's purpose. Create signs that display the signature drink and place them on the bar and dining-room tables. Instruct wait staff to mention the special drink -- and other nightly specials -- to patrons. At the evening's end, the drink's proceeds go to the charity.


Schedule a two-hour block when people can dine and play bingo. Purchase disposable bingo cards, bingo balls and a bingo tumbler. Borrow the tumbler and bingo balls from another organisation, if possible. Set a price to participate in the game. For example, £13 buys one set of cards and 10 games. Donate the playing cost to charity. People can play multiple cards during the game, thus increasing the donation amount. For prizes, ask people with the charity to get gift tokens to local restaurants and retail locations. Bundle these gift tokens in groups of two for the winners. Check local and state gaming laws; some govern all bingo games, and you may need a permit.

Karaoke Night

Pubs often have large televisions and sound systems. Create a karaoke night where people pay to sing their favourite tune. For example, £6 purchases one song. When planning the event, consider song durations; for instance, limit song choices to a maximum of four minutes so you can squeeze 15 songs in an hour. Ask local merchants to donate gift tokens that can be awarded at the night's end. Category examples include best performance, best rock-star voice or best karaoke group.

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