Sayings That Go on Funeral Flower Thank You Cards

Updated April 17, 2017

Giving flowers for a funeral is a traditional way to show warmth and support for the bereaved family. Sending thank-you cards to those who sent flowers shows appreciation for that warmth and support. A hand-signed card gives the family the opportunity to share a heartfelt message in a personal way.

Pre-printed Thank You Cards

A printed, personalised thank-you card will have wording on the front, perhaps with a design or a photo of the deceased. Possible wording may be, "Thank you for your warmth and sympathy at this difficult time" or "Your expression of sympathy has brought us great comfort," signed "The family of," followed by the deceased's name. Inside, write a personal message thanking the sender for the flowers and the support.

Special Words

Choose a poem that meant something to the deceased, or that feels fitting. Have it printed in an attractive style on the outside of a thank-you card with a pretty but subtle background. Inside the card, print a thank-you message on the left side and hand-write a personal message on the right, thanking the recipient for the flowers and for the support.

Blank Card

Instead of ordering printed cards, buy a box of blank cards with a pretty image on the front, such as a sunset, flowers or scenery. Write a detailed personal message on the inside of the card, making sure to note the name of the deceased. With a blank card, you have plenty of space to include an intimate touch, such as a favourite memory of the deceased that involved the recipient, or a Bible verse.

Handmade Card

Design your own card with very personal touches. Print a photo of the loved one on the front. Inside, on the left, print a list of sayings that the deceased was known to say. Try to find both serious and funny sayings, those that will have a personal connection with other people. On the right, pen a personal note to say thank you for the flowers and for being part of the deceased's life.

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