Games to Play With 6-Year-Old Boys

Written by krystal miller
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Games to Play With 6-Year-Old Boys
Keep a group of 6-year-old boys busy with games they will love. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

With lots of energy and short attention spans, it is a challenge to keep 6-year-old boys busy and entertained. When hosting a party or gathering for young boys, plan fun games that will keep them involved. By awarding prizes such as toy cars, plastic animals and small electronic video games, you are almost certain to have the boys lined up and ready to play each game.

Military Men Scavenger Hunt

Purchase several bags of plastic military men and hide them all over the party area. Give each player a camouflage favour bag. When you say, "Find those men," the boys must run all over the party area finding the military men and putting them in their bags. The boy who finds the most military men wins a prize. All the other players can keep their military men to take home.

Suitcase Relay Race

Fill two suitcases each with a tie, large dress shirt, large black dress trousers, large blazer jacket and a pair of shoes. Divide the boys into two teams and have them line up at a starting line. Give the first player in each team line a suitcase. Mark another line about 20 feet from the starting line. When you say, "Go," the boys must take everything out of the suitcase and put it on. He must run to the other line carrying the suitcase and run back. The next player in line must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay wins the game.

Race Cars

Paint a long piece of plywood or cardboard with grey and yellow paint to resemble a road. The wood or cardboard needs to need flat and long, as the boys will roll cars on it. Have each boy come up to the board one at a time. He has to roll a plastic toy car as far as he can down the board. Mark each player's spot and give each boy two turns. The boy who reaches the furthest distance on the board wins the game.

Flour Tag

For some fun outside, play a game of flour tag. Purchase several black or dark blue shirts for the boys to wear. Fill a sock with flour and tie off with a rubber band. Give one to each player. Mark off a play area using rope and tell the boys they have to stay in the playing area. When you say, "Go," the boys must try to tag one another using the flour socks. If a player is hit with a flour sock, he is out of the game. The last player standing wins the game. Use a wet rag to wash off the flour marks and play again.

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