ATI Radeon 4800 HD 1GB Specifications

Updated July 20, 2017

The ATI Radeon HD 4800 series video card, created by ATI and AMD, is designed for high-definition home theatres, high-performance gaming and multimedia applications for your PC. The video card uses both 2D and 3D rendering to deliver realistic graphics directly to your computer.

PowerPlay Technology

AMD's PowerPlay technology is a power-management tool that allows you to conserve power when the demand for your computer's graphics processor is low. This technology allows your computer to fully use the graphics card when watching videos or playing games without worrying about diminished performance. The PowerPlay technology is available on all of the Radeon 4800 series video cards. The functionality of PowerPlay can be extended if you use an AMD-approved motherboard including the Radeon Express motherboard chipset.

Avivo HD

ATI's Avivo HD technology lets you turn your computer into a home theatre by connecting directly to your television. This high-definition technology provides smooth playback, sharper images, vibrant colours and universal connectivity to your television or monitor using HDMI. It also enhances the quality of video on your computer.

OpenGL Support

Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) is designed to issue commands to your operating system. These commands work with your graphics hardware to engage 2D and 3D effects. OpenGL is completely integrated into all Windows operating systems. It uses optimised drivers to improve resource management, so the graphics card does not use all of your system resources.

Microsoft DirectX Support

DirectX is a group of programs designed to enhance all multimedia, gaming and video tasks on all Microsoft operating systems. DirectX determines your computer's hardware capabilities and creates program parameters that work for your computer. The ATI Radeon 4800 takes full advantage of DirectX by offering high-quality, realistic graphics. DirectX's optimised rendering techniques allow the Radeon 4800 to have improved anti-aliasing capabilities, global illumination and better picture quality.

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