Gifts for a Goddaughter's Wedding Day

Updated February 21, 2017

Watching your goddaughter get married is undoubtedly a wonderful moment. Seeing her find her soul mate and tie the knot in front of her friends and family is bound to be special for her as well. You can help make her day even more memorable by getting her a perfect wedding gift.

Look to the Past

Probably you have known your goddaughter since birth. Use this life experience to your advantage. Think back to when she was a child or a teenager. What kinds of make-believe play did she enjoy? What were her most cherished pastimes or fantasies about the future? To tap into these memories and give her something that she might not even remember wanting would fill her with emotion and strengthen the bond you two share. For example, if a favourite movie was "The Little Mermaid," an animation art cel depicting the wedding scene could make an excellent gift. If she had a favourite childhood board game, try to find her a vintage edition. She will love that you remembered and perhaps will be able to play the game with her own children someday.

Personalised Gifts

Giving a personalised gift not only commemorates the wedding, it serves as a constant reminder of the cherished relationship between you and your goddaughter. Online and physical retailers can create something with a personal message from you to your goddaughter. Ideas include intricately designed plates or placards that carry a special message. This message can include the newlywed couple's names as well as the wedding date. An emotional message of best wishes for a bright future could top it off. Include any special phrases or words you share with your goddaughter for that extra bit of emotional weight.

Fun Gifts

Give your goddaughter something fun to show her that you care and want her to enjoy her new life. Examples could include a video game console and games to play with her new husband, or a special couples massage. Use your inside knowledge of the wedding plans to prepare something exciting for them to do on their honeymoon. This depends on the location of their getaway as well as what your goddaughter would enjoy most. For example, you could arrange a windsurfing excursion for them if they are going to a tropical beach. A romantic cabin rental is a good idea for a mountain-bound post-nuptials couple.

Check the Registry

A simple check of the wedding registry will give you ample ideas. Ask your goddaughter where she has registered and visit the store or its website to check the couple's registry. You'll see a list of items desired by the soon-to-be-wed couple and which items have already been purchased for them. By checking the registry, you'll know for sure you're getting them something they need or want.

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