Ideas for Fun Halloween Party Games With Marshmallows

Updated July 20, 2017

Halloween is a time of costumes and social gatherings. Aside from trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood, there are several games parents can provide for their children and friends to play. Some of these games employ the use of marshmallows, either one or several bags. Some other items might be necessary, such as tooth picks or food colouring, but in terms of costs, these games can be very low budget.

Happy Halloween

"Happy Halloween" is a game in which each participant must first insert one marshmallow into their mouths and say the phrase "Happy Halloween." Each time the individual says it understandably he must insert another marshmallow and say it again. As the game progresses, participants will begin to bow out until there is only one remaining. This game can get messy so be sure to have a sheet of newspaper for each person to spit out their marshmallows.

Haunted Houses

This game may require multiple bags of marshmallows and a box of toothpicks. Each participant is asked to make a three-dimensional, standing structure resembling a haunted house using as many marshmallows as possible. The person who can use the most marshmallows without collapsing the house, wins. This game will test ingenuity as well as architectural creativity and can be fun for all ages.

Dyeing Marshmallows

Dyeing marshmallows is especially fun for younger children and is almost identical to dyeing eggs at Easter. Larger marshmallows are ideal for this project as they have a larger surface area and can allow for the most artistic creativity. You will need basic food colouring to dye the marshmallows, but you can also include little toothpick hands and feet, googly eyes, cotton for hair and any other decorations you can think of. Dye the marshmallows in spooky Halloween colours or make them look like monsters, such as Frankenstein.

Marshmallow Relay

Divide the people in the party into two groups. Each group chooses a spooky Halloween team name and each member is given a straw. Each team is given a bowl of marshmallows and an empty bowl to be placed at the other end of the room. When the game begins, each player, one by one, must carry a marshmallow across the room using only the suction from the straw and blow it into the empty bowl. The team that fills their empty bowl first, wins.

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