Funny Middle School Speech Topics

Written by veronica romualdez
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Funny Middle School Speech Topics
A humorous speech will have your classmates interested in your presentation. (Nick White/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Speech topics for children in middle school are educational but may sometimes be boring. Capturing the audience's attention is often difficult unless the subject is stimulating and interesting. No one wants to have to sit through a classmate's lifeless speech. Humorous speeches, however, often capture the attention of the class by being entertaining as well as informative.

Cultural Traditions

Kids can learn about other cultures and what makes them different from their own in a speech about funny traditions in other countries. Some of the things children can talk about are "polterabend" the German tradition of breaking dishes, flowerpots, tiles and toilets before a wedding, which the bride and groom then clean up, or how Thailand celebrates the Monkey Buffet Festival each year where fruits and vegetables are laid out for monkeys to eat.

Funny World Records

Learning about world records is fascinating, including the funny ones. Kids in middle school can learn about world records by listening to a speech about funny feats around the world. Speeches may be made even funnier by showing pictures of the record holders. The speech may discuss things such as the longest jump by a guinea pig, the person with the tallest mohawk, the record for the most people standing on one leg simultaneously, the person who fit the most straws in his mouth at once and the record for the world's longest nose.

A Funny Invention

Middle school kids can give a speech on a funny invention they'd like to create. This helps to spark imagination and creativity in middle-school-aged children. They may want to discuss an imaginary invention such as something that comes up with excuses as to why homework wasn't submitted, an invention such as a pen that never runs out of ink, the longest pencil in the world or a robot that can be programmed to clean a messy bedroom.

Foreign Countries

A speech about a foreign country can be funny if the student presenting does so using a foreign accent and by incorporating characteristics of the country in the presentation. If the speech is about Italy, the student can speak with an Italian accent and use plenty of hand gestures. If the speech is about Japan, the student can try to speak with a Japanese accent and dress in a kimono or sumo wrestler costume. A speech about France may be presented using a French accent while dressed as a chef.

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