Things to say on an anniversary card

Updated April 17, 2017

Greeting cards are a popular way to mark an anniversary. Make yours stand out by writing a message yourself or adding a personal note. An entirely homemade card would add a truly unique personal touch. By adding intimate and customised touches, you transform your card from the ordinary into a treasured keepsake.


No matter if the couple has spent one year together or 50, the love and commitment they share can be inspiring. Show the couple the respect and admiration you have for them and their relationship by writing your sentiments on an anniversary card. You might write something like "the love and respect shared between the two of you is testimony that fairy tales can come true." They will appreciate and enjoy your showing them that you notice the positive traits of their relationship.


Share a personal memory from the couple's wedding, courtship or marriage that has stayed with you. Offering your personal perspective and thoughts on a memory that has touched you will show the couple how much they mean to you while serving as a pleasant reminder of the memory itself. For example, write "The way John kissed Mary's hand on the altar showed deep love and true romance, and I still see it in both your eyes today."


Whether the couple overcame obstacles to be together, or simply are a pristine example of what a happily married couple should be like, letting the couple know is a thoughtful sentiment to include on an anniversary card. For example, write "The years of commitment between the two of you serves as a constant reminder to value my wife and show her how much I love her every day. Thank you for setting a wonderful example."

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