Playground Games for Schools

Updated November 21, 2016

Playground games at school offer children exercise and entertainment during recess. Teach your students exciting games they can play with their classmates on the playground at lunchtime. From a game of kick the can to a game of roaring lion, use your creativity and imagination to create games the kids will love. Awarding small prizes to all game winners will keep them ready for more playground games.

Kick the Can

Place a can, such as an empty coffee can, in the middle of the play area. Select one student to be "it" first. The "it" player must stand by the can and count to 30, while the other players run and hide. After "it" counts, he will walk or run around to try to find the other players. If "it" spots a player, that player must run and kick the can in order to be safe. If "it" tags the player before he kicks the can, he is the new "it" for the next game.

Four Squares

Mark off four squares on the playground and label each one with a sheet of paper, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Write the same numbers on small slips of paper and place in a cup. Tell the children to run around the squares until you shout, "Four squares." When you yell this, each child must select a square and stand in it. After the children each select a square, draw a slip of paper from the cup. If you draw the number 2, all children standing in square number 2 are out of the game. Tell the children to select another number and draw again. If you draw a number and no children are in the square, draw again. Keep playing until only one player remains in the game, and she is the winner.

Find the Flag

Divide the children into two teams and give each team a small cloth. Use a rope to divide the playground in half and have each team get on opposite sides. When you say, "Go," the teams must hide the cloths. After both teams hide the cloths, they must switch sides. The first team to find the "flag" wins the game.

Roaring Lion

Select one child to be the "roaring lion" and have her sit with her back to all the children. Place a small lion cub plush toy behind the "roaring lion." When you say, "Go," the children must try to sneak up on the roaring lion and take her lion cub. If the lion hears someone sneaking up, she can roar and turn around to look. If she catches someone moving, that player is the new roaring lion. Any player who successfully reaches the lion cub wins the game.

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