Greek prom themes

Updated April 17, 2017

Choosing a Greek theme for your prom can help ensure the event is unique and memorable. There are several ways to incorporate Greek themes into the dance, from asking guests to attend dressed up in Greek costumes to decorating the event hall to mimic various eras in Greek history. With a bit of ingenuity, your Greek-themed prom will be a hit.


You can easily turn your prom into a costume party, letting the senior class know they should dress up in Greek costumes when they attend. Togas are easy to make by hand or can be purchased or rented at local costume shops. Or, you can encourage guests to dress as famous characters from Greek mythology, like Helen of Troy or Hercules.

Historical Eras

Consider choosing a particular era from Greek history and decorating the event hall to reflect that time period. For ancient times, the room can be filled with fake columns, and holy temples can be painted onto the walls. If you want to make the hall look like modern-day Greece, fill it with plenty of Greek flags and fake lemon trees.


The food of Greece is instantly recognisable for many people, and serving traditional Greek dishes can help set the tone of a Greek prom. Foods like olives, hummus, feta cheese, couscous and tabbouleh can be made ahead of time. These dishes can be served at room temperature, making it ideal for a buffet. Don't forget to finish the night with a dessert of baklava.

Music and Dance

Music and dancing are a big part of the Greek culture, and you can focus on these areas to pull off a successful Greek prom. Hire a local band to perform Greek-style music, and consider hiring a dance group that specialises in Greek dancing. Some Greek dances involve smashing plates. As an alternative, have some paper napkins on hand that can be thrown around.

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