The best themes for teen boys' bedrooms

Updated February 21, 2017

The best theme for a teenager's bedroom is one that helps him feel at home. Teenagers enjoy having a place that is a personal expression of who they are. The key to teen bedroom design is to let the teen choose the key element while you help fill in the surrounding areas. A teenage boy will know that he enjoys video games or the colour red. Both of those ideas make effective basic themes.

Colour Themes

Colour-based themes are enjoyed within teenage boys bedrooms. Decorate with a solid shade that reflects the teens favourite colour and add other colours that the teenager enjoys in throw rugs, pillows, chairs and light fixtures that blend into the theme. Add posters that reflect the main colour dynamic. Dustbins, desk supplies, folders and other organising bins can either be found in the matching colour or can be spray painted that colour with a plastic fusion spray paint. Black and white themes are also hits with modern teens.

Gaming Themes

Gaming themes within teenage boys' bedrooms are always popular. These themes can include anything from vintage Atari games to modern Xbox 360 games. Many gaming-themed items can be purchased online, such as matching comforters, curtains, sheets, rugs and wall murals. Posters and wallpaper border enhance to the decor. Video game chairs add flair to the bedroom theme as well as the gaming experience. Of course, for any video game-themed bedroom, you cannot forget to add the flat screen television on the wall.

Car Themes

Car themes are always a favourite bedroom theme for teenage guys who love getting behind the wheel. Race car themes or the boy's favourite model vehicle can become an easy theme to decorate a bedroom around. Black, round pillows thrown on the bed or floor are not only perfect for lounging, but can also represent wheels of cars. Number plates hung on walls and NASCAR video game chairs add to the overall look of the decor.

Sports Themes

Teenage guys enjoy sports themes in their bedrooms. Relaxing chairs that resemble baseball mitts and pillows that resemble baseball bats set the tone for a bedroom perfect for a baseball fan. Pin up jerseys, posters and arrange shelves for trophies won in a specific sport. Posters depicting a martial arts pose, along with other martial arts memorabilia, will be welcomed by a teen who enjoys that sport. Basketball lovers would have fun with a miniature basket nailed to the wall. A swimmer can relax with water-themed comforter sets and an aquarium in his room.

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