Natural cleaning products: lime scale remover

Updated February 21, 2017

Lime scale can attack many surfaces around the interior and exterior of your home. The scale usually develops in bathroom and shower areas, and also is prominently on display if it accumulates on glass surfaces such as windows and glass tables or doors. You can remove the lime scale with natural cleaning products.

What is Lime Scale?

Lime scale is a result of a high alkaine content in your water supply. Aside from the water that comes out of your faucet, shower and garden hose, rain water also can sometimes have high levels of alkaline. Well water is commonly associated with a high alkaline content as well. When the lime scale settles, a cloudy, chalky white residue is left behind, leaving a surface looking improperly cared for and dirty.

Why Avoid Chemically Based Commercial Cleaners?

Most of the commercial cleaning products that are on the market contain high amounts of chemical ingredients, often several chemicals combined that are not eco-friendly. This makes them not only unsafe for the environment, but also unsafe for your home, family and pets.

Natural Homemade Cleaners That Remove Lime scale

To remove the lime scale deposits, you want to use something that breaks apart the alkaline content. Acidic products such as white vinegar work well for lime scale removal. To use the vinegar, soak a paper towel or cleaning rag with the vinegar and rub across the lime scale deposits. For tea kettles, pots and pans, boil white vinegar inside of the kettle or pot for about five minutes. Let the vinegar cool and scrub down with a cleaning rag.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaners for Lime Scale Removal

There also are a few eco-friendly commercial products that remove lime scale naturally. Check your local supermarket or home improvement store, and make sure the product is labelled eco-friendly, all-natural or something similar.

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