Good Plants for Bathrooms

Written by zoobia ilyas | 13/05/2017
Good Plants for Bathrooms
Know which plants grow best in bathrooms to avoid disappointment. (bathroom detail image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from

Finding the best plants to place in your home's bathroom can be difficult. Bathrooms tend to have small windows, or none at all, offering little to no light. Bathrooms also tend to possess high humidity and moisture levels, which can damage conventional household plants. The low light level and high humidity levels characteristic of bathrooms, however, perfectly suit tropical plants, which thrive in these conditions. Decorate your bathroom using tropical plants to enhance decor.

Indoor Ferns

Good Plants for Bathrooms
Potted ferns will tolerate low bathroom lighting conditions. (fern in flowerpot image by Pershing from

Although ferns require some natural light in order to photosynthesise, they cannot tolerate direct sunlight. This makes them ideal plants to place inside bathrooms containing small windows. Set a potted fern in an organic, well-draining soil, by a window that faces north. This will ensure the best lighting conditions for the fern, while reducing the plant's risk of burning. In addition, the high humidity levels in bathrooms suit all ferns, especially staghom, maidenhair and Boston ferns.

Cast Iron Plant

Known for their durability, cast iron plants grow in medium and low levels of natural light. They can withstand extreme temperatures, although excessive heat may attract spider mites. When tucked away in an unconventional location, such as bathrooms, cast iron plants may be overlooked.They will continue to grow, however, even when neglected. Avoid overwatering.


This plant family consists of several durable plants that grow in a range of lighting conditions, including moderate sunlight as well as shade. Bromeliads also tolerate moderate to high humidity. Considering that bathrooms tend to contain higher humidity levels than the rest of the house, bromeliads will grow successfully in bathrooms. When conditions are especially moist, foliage will sprout spiky, colourful blooms. Plant bromeliads in well-draining soil, allowing soil to dry between waterings. Bromeliads can also grow in decorative vases, as long as the vase is filled with water.

Spider Plants

Known for being easy to grow, spider plants look nice when planted in hanging baskets that display their green foliage. Growing conditions should contain moderate sunlight, although dim light will also suffice. Spider plants tolerate humidity well, thriving in moderate to high levels, making them ideal indoor plants when placed in bathrooms.

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