Nice Wedding Card Messages

Updated April 17, 2017

Wedding card messages are included in the cards that guests leave the happy couple on their special day. The messages can be humorous, sentimental or poetic. In any type of wedding card, there are several nice messages that can be used to express to the bride and groom how happy you are for them on the occasion of their wedding.

Long Life and Happy Marriage Card

In this kind of card, you are wishing the newlyweds a long and happy life together. A message like, "May the coming years fill your lives with love and happiness" would work well. You could also use something simpler like, "May you have a long and loving life together." These messages communicate your hopes for the couple and your confidence in the future.


If you know the happy couple well, you can write something more personal about the two of them in a more casual tone. Something like, "So happy for you guys and look forward to seeing your relationship grow." This is a perfect casual message because it indicates that you will be around to offer your continuing friendship. Couples like to know that they have invited lifelong friends to share their special day.

Simple Message

You do not have to have a long message in a nice wedding card. You can write something as simple as "Congrats" on the inside of the card. This sort of simple message will be a blessing for the happy couple as they sift through the hundreds of cards they will be receiving. Simple messages are cheerful and undemanding.

Funny Message

A nice wedding card message does not have to be serious. Try adding some hilarity to your card by saying something like, "All marriages are happy. It's living together afterwards that is difficult," or, "If there's one important key to a successful marriage, it's sharing -- the sharing of responsibility, of emotions, of souls, but most importantly -- of the TV remote control." These messages will bring a smile to the lips of your friends as they read the many cards they will receive at their wedding.

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