The Best Baby Shower Favors

Updated April 17, 2017

As the host of a baby shower, you are in charge of a lot of to-dos---guest list, decorations, party food and of course, baby shower favours. Favours should match the overall theme of your baby shower. Though baby shower favours can be quite elaborate, something as simple as edible treats will do more than enough.

Mini Spa Kits

For the party host looking to go a beyond your typical party favour, a mini spa kit can be the answer. Collect sample sizes of items such as lip gloss, bath salts, lotions and sponges and place them in decorated vinyl or paper bags. If there are a lot of guests attending the baby shower, buy items such as bath salts, combs and sponges in bulk and separate them into small plastic bags for the party guests. Try to find novelty soaps shaped like rubber duckies, baby bootees or bottles to add to your spa kits.

Edible Treats

Baby shower favours do not have to be something your guests can use or collect. Often they can be something edible and ornately decorated. Fill mini favour boxes, cellophane or tulle bags with treats such as Jordan almonds, candy bars, suckers or sugar cookies decorated as prams, rattles and bottles. Create custom thank-you notes and place them inside the goody bags and tie them off with bows. If you do not want to provide treats that are already prepared, cookie, cake or bread mixes can be purchased in bulk and placed in decorative cellophane bags with ribbon.

Gift Tokens

There is nothing wrong with giving your guests a gift token for joining your baby shower celebration. Gift tokens to a local spa or hair salon can be a great way to thank your female guests while certificates for local restaurants or a cigar store can be the perfect gift for any male guests who attend the baby shower. Personalise envelopes and use colourful ribbons to decorate gift tokens and add a more personal touch.

Flowers or Potted Plants

Give your guests a gift that will last them a few weeks (or months) such as potted plants and flowers. Place them in custom-painted pots. Tie bows of decorative ribbon that matches the shower theme around the pots. You can also create customised thank-you labels or write a message on the pots using a paint pen.

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