Homemade Suncatcher Paint

Updated November 21, 2016

Suncatchers give your windows colour and brightness, even on cloudy days. Since these clear glass and plastic decorations are meant to catch the light, even filtered sunlight will make them glow. Kids and adults alike enjoy painting these transparent ornaments that come in a variety of shapes such as stars, cupcakes and animals. Rather than purchasing it, you can make both permanent and temporary suncatcher paint at home.

Glue Paint

Clear glue presents a nearly perfect medium for creating suncatcher paint. These high-adhesion glues not only create transparent paint colours, they also won't chip or crack off your suncatcher. Paint your suncatcher fairly quickly so it doesn't dry before you finish. You may also paint on other glass items, like votive holders and vases. Don't drink out of any items painted with this paint, however, because the glue may be toxic. Also, don't use white school glue; it's water-soluble and won't remain on your suncatcher for long.

Making Glue Paint

Squeeze about a tablespoon of clear liquid craft glue into the bottom of several disposable cups. Drip a few drops of food colouring into each cup and stir them up with a wooden Popsicle stick. The more food colouring you use, the darker your colours will be. Use three or four drops of colouring for pastel colours and up to 10 drops for darker, richer colour. Try creating lighter and darker versions of your colours for shading purposes. For instance, you may want light blue for a sky and dark blue for an ocean scene.

Soap Paint

Soap paint is a very simple paint for temporary works of art. Since the paint is made of soap, you can wash it off your suncatcher whenever you like to customise for different seasons of the year or to correct mistakes. Alternately, use this temporary paint directly on windows and mirrors to decorate them for holidays, the seasons or for special events like birthdays.

Making Soap Paint

To make soap paint, fill several disposable cups about half full of clear, unscented dish soap. Add about 1/4 tsp of powdered tempera paint to each cup and stir well with a wooden Popsicle stick. If you want pastel colours, add just 1/8 tsp to each cup. For darker colours, add additional colour 1/4 tsp at a time until you get the desired colour. This paint takes about 12 hours to dry completely.

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