Mural ideas for a fence

Instead of brushing on a solid colour, paint a mural on your fence to reflect your personality. Even if you are not artistic, stencils and trace-on patterns make it easy to create a custom design. Another alternative is to use a projector to show the picture that you want to paint on the surface, just as you would on a wall inside your home.

Historical Subjects

Paint a picture of the history of your home or the neighbourhood. Create a look into the past by copying old photographs found in the archives at your local newspaper office or library. Or choose a great person in history, such as an African-American leader or women's rights activist, and paint a memorial to show your admiration.

Beliefs and Causes

Show your support for local charities or causes by painting fence murals that convey your beliefs. Create an image of endangered species or disappearing rainforests. Illustrate your passion for peace and ending hunger. Display your national flag proudly across your entire fence. Or paint images of angels or other religious figures to express your spiritual beliefs.

Family and Friends

Paint pictures of all of your children or grandchildren playing in the yard. Leave ample room to add more as they come. Recreate your wedding day with your favourite portrait from your ceremony. Show your love for those who have died by immortalising their faces or likenesses on your garden fence. Instead of painting actual people, honour them with symbols of what they held dear. For example, paint a fishing rod to signify your father and designer shoes to represent your sister.

Natural Surroundings

Paint a scene of a lush garden on your fence if you do not have the room to grow one in your backyard. Paint an extension of your garden if you do have one so that it seems larger than it is. Capture images of favourite birds or animals that inhabit your area.

Exotic Places

Create a dream vacation in your own backyard by painting a mural of your favourite exotic spot. Capture a sunrise or sunset over the ocean. Recreate the underwater paradise that you saw on a scuba-diving adventure in the Caribbean. Paint a picture of the quaint cottages in Scotland or the rolling green hills of Austria. Add whimsy wherever you can, such as painting milkmaids for Sweden or leprechauns for Ireland.

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