How high to hang a coat hook from the floor

Updated February 21, 2017

When hanging and fastening a coat hook to the wall, the height from the floor that you position it at is important. You need the right height to make it comfortable for you to hang and retrieve coats while ensuring that they hang without dragging. You may only have one chance to hang the hook without leaving unsightly holes in the wall, though this depends on what you are hanging it with.

Person's Height

You should base your positioning of the hooks on the average height of the people who will use them, not the height of the coat alone. Think of how high the coat is suspended from the ground when you are wearing it; the hook should be placed at least that high and maybe a few inches higher so you can reach for it comfortably. However, this approach may be tricky if you have people of varying heights in the home. In such an instance, compare the heights of the tallest and shortest adults in the house and look for a happy medium. Kids may need separate hooks placed at their own heights.


You should place the hook higher if you plan to use hangers with the hooks. Remember that the hanger's hook will drop all the way down to the bottom arch of the hanging hook, and the highest tip of the coat will only reach the tip of the hanger's triangular support when hung. The exact number of extra inches can vary depending on the type of hangers you need, but you should likely clear at least 5 inches of extra height.


The type of coat you use can make a difference as well. For example, while most coats won't experience a problem hanging from the aforementioned recommended heights, overcoats are different. Coats that go down to the lower legs may drag down to the floor when hung from a standard height. If you want to avoid this, adding between 6 to 8 inches to the preferred height can help ensure that all coats stay suspended off of the ground.

Final Height

When hanging the hook, be it with screws or adhesive, keep in mind that the hook will not hang from its highest point. Even if the coat hangs from the tip of the hook, this usually reaches the full hook's midway point only. Line up the hook so its lowest point matches with the highest point of your measurement to ensure that the coat hangs at least as high as you need..

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