Wedding bouquets containing gladioli

Written by victoria ramirez
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Wedding bouquets containing gladioli
Include the gladiolus flower in your bouquet's design to give it an exotic style. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Wedding bouquets containing gladioli provide the bride with a stunning and exotic accessory that is both eye-catching and dramatic. Since gladiolus flowers symbolise strength, moral obligation and infatuation, it makes perfect sense that many brides choose to include this flower in their wedding bouquets. There are no limits to how brides can use this extravagant flower in their wedding bouquet. Brides can choose from a variety bouquet styles to give them the perfect wedding accessory.

Teardrop Bridal Bouquet

Teardrop, shower or cascading bridal bouquets are known for their elegant and fountain-like appearance. This type of bouquet is perfect to display gladioli; however, since gladioli are taller than most flowers, only about four of the flowers on the stem will show. This is because some species of gladiolus grow to be around 3 ½ feet tall. Trimming each gladiolus stem to half its original size before placing it inside the bouquet is ideal. Since this bouquet is rounder at the top and thinner at the bottom, one way to present the gladioli in a flattering manner is to use it toward the bottom. Allow the stem with the flowers to cascade down across the bride's dress as she walks down the aisle.

Presentation Bouquet

A presentation bouquet, or arm sheath bouquet, is perfect for long, luxurious flowers like gladiolus. Orchid species, such as phalaenopsis, and other flowers like foxglove add a variety of beautiful textures and fullness to a tall wedding sheath bouquet. Combine these multidimensional flowers with gladiolus to make a spectacular arrangement with an exotic element. There are many different ways to create this type of bouquet. If you want a monochromatic palette of colours, combine the same colour of each flower type. For instance, pairing red gladiolus with differing shades of red phalaenopsis and red foxglove creates a well-organised and simplified bouquet. If you want a dimensional look, with different colour schemes, add differing shades of red, pink and white to give your arm sheath bouquet added complexity.

Fan Bouquet

An elegant and more traditional bouquet is the fan bouquet. This bouquet displays gladioli, along with santini mums, to give a variety of textures. Use smaller and less dense species of gladioli to achieve this multi-textural look. While it is tightly wound together with wire, the flowers fall outward, giving the bouquet a dynamic style. You can add elements of solidago, also known as goldenrod. This yellowish-lime green filler has intricate round bulbs with points at the end. They are very thick and fibrous and can add extra body to any bridal bouquet.

Free-Form Bouquet

A free-form bouquet does not follow a specific style; in fact, it is up to the bride to use her creative eye to gauge the design of her bouquet. Free-form bouquets are perfect for brides with an elaborate imagination. These bouquets can be bold and nontraditional or more simplified and conventional; however, the style of bouquet should also complement the bride's wedding attire. A distinctive arrangement for a free-form bouquet is to combine hydrangeas and roses with gladioli to produce a lavish bouquet with different textures and colours. Add different fillers like kale and fern to give the bouquet rich detail and added layers of depth.

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