Flower Decorations for Bathroom Wall Tile

Bathroom tiles feature an array of decorative designs, including flowers. If you'd like to decorate your bathroom wall using a flower motif, several kinds of flower-themed tile options are available to you. You want to choose the tile that best complements your decor.

Flower Tiles

Bathroom tiles come in a variety of colours and styles, which allow you to find the right tile for the decorating motif you've selected for your bathroom. For example, if you've chosen an English country style for your bathroom, look for tiles that feature small tea roses. A bathroom done in the Art Nouveau style would embrace tiles laden with calla lillies. You can introduce these into your bathroom wall decor a number of ways. If you like a bold statement, try tiling the bathroom walls with only flower tiles. If you want an understated look, try for a band of flowers instead, meaning that you insert a row of flower tiles between plain tiles.


Mosaic tile has been a staple in the art world for many centuries. According to the "Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art," these pictures made from tiles go back as far as ancient Greece and feature elaborate designs. Today, mosaic tile art still exists and is often used in the bathroom for decorative purposes. The advantage of mosaic tiles are their flexibility. You can create your own flower tiles from either full tiles or broken pieces of tile. Mosaic flower designs are formed when you put coloured tiles together in such a way that a recognisable design emerges---in this case, flowers. Usually, the darker-coloured tiles are weaved in with a lighter-coloured tile until the flowers form. If the concept of mosaics is difficult to understand, just think of a bunch of coloured dots that have been placed against a white background and shaped so that they form flower designs.

Other Types

One other type of tile to consider is a large medallion-type piece that features a flower pattern. These large-scale pieces of ceramic tile usually have a design in the middle of a piece of tile that is larger than the rest of the tiles in the bathroom. For example, if your standard tiles are 2-inches by 2-inches, your flower medallion piece, which would serve as a focal point in the bathroom, might measure 10-inches around.


If you are considering using tiles that have flowers painted on them instead of going out to purchase tiles with flowers or creating flower tiles using some different tile techniques, Meghan Carter of "" warns that you should not use hand-painted tiles in areas like the bathroom. Although painting tiles with flower decorations might seem like a simple way to convert tiles without flowers on them to ones filled with blooms, the drawbacks associated with this method of tile decoration far outweigh the advantages they bring. The dampness in the bathroom creates mildew, which will eat through paint. Additionally, this mildew can't be scrubbed off, because the abrasive cleanser will scratch off the painted finish.

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