Baby Shower Games for Who Knows the Mom-to-Be Best

Updated April 17, 2017

Baby shower games provide entertainment at the special event, while getting guests involved. Often guests are given the opportunity to prove how well they know the mother-to-be through guessing games. Creative games involving the expectant mother's belly size, appearance and preferences can be used to liven up the baby shower.

Tummy Size

Have guests show how well they know the size of the expectant mother's stomach. Provide guests with a material to use as a measurement, like string, yarn or toilet paper. Disperse the measuring material of your choice around so that each guest gets a chance to cut or tear the material to the length believed to fit perfectly around the mother-to-be's waist. Have the expectant mother wrap the materials around her waist to reveal which guest is the closest to her actual waist measurement. Give the guest who is the closest a prize. Keep in mind that not all pregnant women would feel comfortable participating in this game. Make sure to get her approval before the baby shower.

Baby's Features and Characteristics

Test guests on the features and characteristics that the expectant mother desires in her unborn child. Give each guest a chart with three columns. The first column will provide guests with various features and characteristics like eye color, hair color, sense of humor, intelligence, smile and nose. There will also be a column that says "Mommy" and one that says "Daddy." Have guests put a check mark for either "Mommy" or "Daddy" for each of the attributes. Guests are guessing which features or characteristics the expectant mother hopes will come from her and which ones she would like the baby to have from the father. Have the mom-to-be reveal her answers and give the guest with the most correct guesses a prize.

Mom-To-Be's Appearance

Quiz guests at the baby shower on the details of the mom-to-be's appearance. Have the expectant mother leave the room and ask guests to recall specific details about what she looks like. Have guests record answers to questions about things like the color of her shirt, her jewelry or her hairstyle. Have the pregnant woman return to the room and give the answers to guests. The guest with the most correct answers can win a prize.

Questions About the Mom-To-Be

Give guests at the baby shower a quiz to take with specific questions about the mother-to-be. Before the day of the baby shower, ask the expectant mother a series of questions that reveal details about her background and preferences. Take the questions you ask the mom-to-be and create a multiple choice quiz for guests to fill out to show how well each person knows her. Include points like the first person she told she was pregnant, her hometown, if she had morning sickness, what foods she is craving and the name of the doctor who will deliver the baby. Once guests have filled out the quiz, reveal the answers and give the guest with the most correct answers a prize.

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