Torque Specifications for the Honda Foreman 400

Updated July 20, 2017

Honda's most expensive and largest 4x4 utility class ATV in their line-up is the King Quad -- the Foreman 400. This utility quad from Honda offers all-wheel-drive, heavy-duty and aggressive off-road tires and steel front and rear racks for carrying and hauling. The Honda Foreman 400 is great for hunters, farmers and forestry workers. With its 400cc engine and maximum towing capacity of 386 Kilogram, the Foreman 400 is the quad for any tough job.

Routine Maintenance Torque Specifications

Changing the Foreman's oil requires loosening the engine oil drain bolt both at the crankcase and the oil tank. When you are done with the oil change and you are tightening these bolts, the drain bolt for the crankcase should be tightened to 18 foot-pounds; the oil drain bolt for the oil tank tightened to 14 foot-pounds. When you replace the spark plug, the new plug is to be tightened to 13 foot-pounds.

Adjusting the Cylinder Head and Valve

The cylinder-head cover bolt should be tightened to eight foot-pounds and the cylinder head nut to 33 foot-pounds. After you have made any adjustments to the rocker arm shaft, the intake sub-rocker arm shaft or the exhaust sub-rocker arm shaft, tighten each of these bolts to 20 foot-pounds. The cam sprocket bolt needs to be tightened to 14 foot-pounds; the cam tensioner plug is tightened to 2.9 foot-pounds for optimal performance.

Clutch and Gearshift Linkage

After you have finished working on the clutch or the gearshift linkage of your Foreman 400, follow torque specifications as outlined in the service manual. Tighten the clutch centre locknut to 80 foot-pounds. The primary drive gear-nut is tightened to 65 foot-pounds. Be sure to tighten the gearshift drum stopper arm pivot bolt to 91 foot-pounds and the gearshift spindle return spring to 17 foot-pounds.

Alternator and Starter Clutch

Water is not an enemy of the Honda Foreman 400, but if you have spent time in it then chances are you may be making adjustments before your next ride. If this is the case and you have adjustments to the flywheel bolt, tighten it to 94 foot-pounds before you call it a day. Be sure to tighten the starter clutch bolt to 22 foot-pounds. The left crankcase cover stud bolt is to be tightened to seven foot-pounds. According to the Honda Foreman 400 service manual, the gearshift pedal pinch bolt is to be tightened to 14 foot-pounds.

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