Kids' Pirate Games

Written by jim radenhausen
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Kids' Pirate Games
Pirate games give kids a chance to collect treasures. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Robbing at sea may not give pirates the best reputation, but such acts mean little to kids who think it's cool to spend time on a ship and possess treasures. Whether it's dressing as pirates or enjoying fictional pirates such as "Peter Pan's" Captain Hook, kids' fascination with pirates persists. Engage kids in games that enhance their interest in pirates, ships and treasures.

Aargh the Pirate

Kids help protect treasure chests from sneaky sharks in "Aargh the Pirate," accessible at Kaboose Funschool. When sharks swim next to the chests, kids press the directional arrow keys to move to the chests and bop the sharks over the head. Players lose a life if a shark snatches a chest; the game ends when players lose three chests.

Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt

Dora needs kids' help to find stolen pirate treasures in "Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt," accessible at Nick Jr. Kids use the mouse to move Dora and to collect treasures. Clicking Tool Star opens doors, while pirate pigs and rolling barrels make it more difficult for kids to get keys from Tool Star. The game ends once kids collect all the treasures.

Here Comes The Captain

Command crew members to follow orders on your pirate ship in "Here Comes The Captain." Prior to the game, review with kids the commands you will give, so that all participants understand how to carry them out. For example, when you command, "Swab the Deck," kids get down on hands and knees and pretend to scrub the floor. Upon hearing, "Man Overboard," kids find a partner and grab onto her. Kids caught not following a command take themselves out of the game. Play continues until one crew member remains; the winner earns the title of "First Mate."

Hook The Treasure

Kids hook as many treasures as possible in this pirate game. Divide kids into two teams and have them line up at one end of the room, with a treasure chest at the opposite end. Put beaded necklaces of two colours on the floor between the two ends and assign each team a colour necklace. The first kids in line take a candy cane and "hook" one necklace at a time, running to put the necklace in their team's chest before returning for additional necklaces. After 30 seconds, award each team one point per necklace. Scatter the necklaces again and have the next players hook necklaces. Play continues until all kids have a turn, with the team scoring the most points winning the game.

Sword Fight

Engage kids in pirate combat in "Sword Fight." With kids dressed as pirates, choose two "swordsman" to compete in combat with breadstick "swords." Kids must keep their own "sword" intact as they try breaking their opponent's tool. Players left with nothing left but stump on their "sword" surrender, leaving the winner to battle a new contender. The kid who remains champion the longest wins.

Puke The Pirate: Pirates Of The Can Of Beans

Kids help Pirate Puke collect treasures in "Puke the Pirate: Pirates of The Can of Beans," accessible at Kaboose Funschool. Players press the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move, the "Up" arrow to fart-fly, and the spacebar to jump and launch a puke attack (the latter in conjunction with the "Down" arrow key). Finding a treasure map leads kids to the next level. Colliding with enemies or falling into the water costs kids one life. The game ends when players lose all seven lives.

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