Horseshoe Floral Arrangement Ideas for Funerals

Updated April 17, 2017

Flowers are used in funerals because they offer comfort, beauty and hope. Originally used to decorate burial sites and anoint the bodies of the deceased, flower arrangements have become a staple at funerals. Large flowers, such as snapdragons and gladioli are often used in wreaths for the funeral or memorial service while smaller flowers, such as roses and carnations are frequently sent to the home of the deceased. Horseshoes are thought to bring luck and may also be used in cowboy-themed funerals.

Purple & Green Horseshoe Wreath

Create a funeral wreath in the shape of a horseshoe. Include flowers in white and purple as well as pastel lime green. Dot them with additional yellow and pale carnations as well as ferns for foliage. The wreath can be 20 or 24 inches in size.

Small Horseshoes

Recycle old horseshoes and use them in a floral arrangement at a funeral. Buy dried flowers and attach them onto the horseshoes using hot glue. Use delicate flowers if the funeral is in the summer. Glue pine cones and cinnamon sticks onto the horseshoe with the flowers if the funeral is in the winter. Place the horseshoe arrangements flat on a display table or the casket suspend them on ribbons around the funeral parlour.

Flower Stalks

Instead of forming the whole arrangement into a horseshoe, use red carnations with long stalks. Curve the stalks around the arrangement to form a U-shape and place red and white stargazer flowers within the base of the "U." Frame the stargazers with ferns and fragile yellow flowers that have tiny petals.

Yellow Horseshoe Wreath

Another idea is a funeral wreath shaped like a horseshoe that is made from yellow flowers. The base of the wreath would be yellow with green areas that dot the shape, simulating the holes in a horseshoe. Add green leaves with deep brown centrepieces for contrast. The base of the horseshoe has a large white leaf from a variegated plant, and the yellow leaf arrangement is laced with triangular leaf edges.

Cow Horns

A funeral with a horseshoe might be cowboy-themed. One related idea is to have a flower arrangement done in a cow horn. The horn is hung upside down and the flowers are stuffed inside it. Use either dried or fresh flowers, and focus on the type of flowers that naturally grow in cowboy territories. The flowers should have long stalks that sit snugly in the horn.

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