LG Air Conditioner Error Codes

Written by alan donahue | 13/05/2017

LG air conditioners use a series of built-in self diagnosis tools to identify any potential problems with window, wall, and universal air conditioning. These codes are useful for self repairs or when contacting a service. Along with these universal errors codes, check with your LG air conditioner manual to see if any extra codes apply to that specific model.


Some LG air conditioners have a small LCD screen that indicates power status and temperature. That same screen is used to showcase errors. These errors could display as "F#," "E#" or a two-letter error. It flashes on the screen. Some air conditioners use the small LCD lights and blink in a delayed pattern to indicate the error number.

Short Circuits

When circuits short out on the air conditioner, certain functions are disabled and an error appears. For example, "01" is for the air sensor circuit; "02" is for the inlet pipe sensor; "06" is for the outlet pipe sensor; "44" and "45" are for the air pipe sensors; "46" and "47" are for the D-pipe sensors.

Wire Issues

Wires can become loose, withered, or break off their connections. Errors "03," "05," "52," "53," "54" and "55" are all wiring issues with an LG central air conditioner. Check the wiring manual of your specific model to find the exact wiring problem to assess the situation.


Some error codes appear indicating simple mistakes that can be corrected with triggered settings. When "CL" appears, it means that the child lock is activated for the air conditioner. Hold the "Min." and "Timer" buttons for three seconds to turn the child lock on and off.

Jet Cool Mode

The "PO" code means that Jet Cool has been turned on and will appear while the air conditioner is running. Turn the Jet Cool function off to remove this message.

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