Party grab bag ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Lucky dips may have two different connotations when it comes to parties. In one situation, party guests are instructed to bring a wrapped gift to place into a large bag. One gift is drawn unseen from the bag by each guest during the party to take home as a favour. In the other situation, one grab bag is given to each guest as a party favour by the host of the party.

Children's Lucky Dip Gifts

Lucky dip gifts for children should be age-appropriate and may include toys or educational items. To avoid any hurt feelings over children not getting a gift they like, the host of the party may choose to give each child the same grab bag gift. Some ideas for grab bag gifts include a small colouring book and box of crayons, activity book and box of markers, sets of stickers, a bottle of bubbles and bubble blower, modelling clay, finger paints, large coloured chalk sticks, card games, puzzles, notebooks and pencils, stuffed animals, small dolls and action figures, battery-operated games, small building sets, hand or finger puppets, balloon animal kit, yo-yo and books.

Teen Lucky Dip Gifts

Lucky dips for teens may include gifts that are practical or entertaining. The type of party may also dictate what type of gift should be given. Some ideas for grab bag gifts for a high school graduation party include a notebook and pen, journal, daily planner, keepsake box, graduation bear, memo pads, dictionary, thesaurus and a gift card to a book store. Lucky dip gift ideas for a girl's sleepover party include hair accessories, nail polish set, perfume, make-up, scented candles, bath and body products, diary and inexpensive jewellery. General teen gift ideas include art supplies, movie tickets, video games, electric toothbrush, small picture frame and a gift card to download movies and music.

Adult Lucky Dip Gifts

Party grab bags for adults may include personal, practical, entertainment or household gifts. Some gift ideas include an address book, coffee mug, day planner, scented candles, salt and pepper shakers, bookmarks, cookie cutters, pens, lip balm, holiday beer toppers, hand sanitiser, pocketknife, stationery, scented soap, gas card, word game books, key chain with built-in flashlight, handheld electronic games, gift card to download movies and music, manicure and pedicure kit, restaurant gift token, indoor herb garden kit, spa kit, MP3 media player, digital photo keychain, skincare products, cell phone cover, earbud headphones, teeth whitening kit, electric toothbrush, potholders, towel set, gift card to a coffeehouse chain, coffee and tea sampler, travel blanket and beverage warmer.

Lucky Dip Rules

If you choose to have party guests bring gifts for a grab bag, establish rules beforehand to keep things fair and consistent. Set a reasonable budget that every guest can afford and must adhere to. Keep the minimum and maximum price range close, such as £6 to £9 instead of £6 to £32. This prevents situations where one guest gets a £6 gift while another gets a £32 gift. If both males and females are attending the party, instruct guests to bring gender-neutral gifts. Inform guests of the party's theme if you want them to bring a specific type of gift.

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