Ideas to Put in a Boyfriend's Birthday Card

Updated April 17, 2017

It's your boyfriend's birthday and you want to get him a card. However, the card does not have to be his only gift. Instead, you can use it as a vehicle for other gifts by putting things inside the card. The surprise inside the card will make his birthday more enjoyable. When deciding what to put in a birthday card for your boyfriend, consider memories from your relationship as well as his hobbies and interests.


Place a picture from your first date, anniversary or holiday get-together inside the birthday card. The picture will bring back memories for your boyfriend of this special moment within your relationship. On the back of the picture, write the date that the photo was taken as well as a brief description of the event depicted. Don't glue or tape the picture to the inside of the card, as it could ruin the card and the picture.

Money and Gift Cards

Buy your boyfriend a gift card and place it inside the birthday card. The gift card should be one that relates to his interests and he is eager to use. Choose gift cards that he can use to eat at his favourite restaurants or to buy clothes and merchandise at his favourite retail stores. Alternatively, place money inside the card that he can spend solely on himself; don't let him spend it on you. Particularly if you haven't been dating for very long, this gift ensures that he will like and use something that you've bought for him. Alternatively, he can also use the money to pay bills or take care of other living expenses.

Personal Message

If you have trouble finding a birthday card with the perfect message inside, write one of your own. Personalise your boyfriend's birthday card with a special note that's meant just for him. Buy a birthday card that's blank on the inside, write your boyfriend a poem or special message within it and sign it. The card will have special meaning to him and it'll be unique from any other card with an impersonal message inside.


In addition to a card, give your boyfriend the gift of music. Put one of his favourite bands' CDs inside a large birthday card. Take the CD out of its case, as the case's size could damage the card. Before purchasing a CD, examine his current musical collection; you don't want to purchase a CD that he already has. Consider special edition, never released and acoustic CDs.

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