Ideas for Backyard Garden Fence for Dogs

Updated November 21, 2016

Design a fence to keep your dogs and garden safe and secure by choosing fencing options based on your dog's age, size and level of training. Install fencing that's tall enough to prevent your pet from jumping over and secure enough to keep it from burrowing underneath. Select a design within your budget that blends nicely into your existing backyard landscape.

Quick Fencing Options

As long as household pets are trained well enough to respect fencing or small barriers like baby gates, easily installed wire garden fencing is a suitable option. Available at most home and garden centres, wire fencing is sold in several heights and with openings of various sizes. Green or brown vinyl-coated wire allows the fencing to almost disappear into your landscape, yet keeps your garden safe from dogs. The fencing is easily installed using metal fence posts.

Classic Picket

If you'd prefer the look of a classic picket garden fence, purchase ready-made sections and install them using wooden fence posts set into quick-setting concrete. This is a more permanent solution that requires some measuring and levelling of the posts. Choose pickets that are close enough together to keep small dogs from wandering through. Bury rocks or bricks under the ground along the bottom of the fence line to prevent dogs from digging underneath.

Split Rail

The rustic look of natural split-rail fencing is appealing but will do little to keep dogs out of your garden. If you have existing split-rail fencing or like the option for your garden, simply line the inside of the fence from top to bottom with chicken wire or wire coated garden fencing. The wire will stop your dog from climbing through the fence. Use a heavy-duty staple gun to secure the fencing, stretching it before stapling for security and a tidy appearance.

Ornamental Fencing

Professionally installed vinyl and wrought iron garden fencing are also options. For the safety of your dogs and the security of your garden, choose fencing of appropriate height with narrow pickets that won't allow your dog's head to fit through. Avoid sharp ornamental finials often used to top both styles of fencing.

Creative Options

Don't be afraid to get creative with your fence design. Make it suit the design of your garden and keep your dogs in acceptable areas. Look to recycled architectural elements, old garden gates or even used porch railings or sheets of lattice for a one of kind fence design. Install the fence so it is tall enough to keep dogs out of the garden and secure once complete.

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