Problems With Changing the Battery in a Honda CR-V

The battery in your Honda CR-V is one of the most important components for keeping your electrical power running. However, there are a number of things that could go wrong, depending on the age and condition of your vehicle and battery.

Battery Acid

One of the primary components found in automotive batteries is hydrochloric acid. In sealed batteries the acid, along with the electrolyte solution that makes up the battery, is supposed to be kept sealed. However, sometimes the seal can crack and the materials can leak out. This is why whenever you change or handle a car battery you should always wear protective gloves.

Radio Reset

In the Honda CR-V there is a function that ties the radio to the car's battery. If you disconnect the battery from the car for any length of time, then the radio will malfunction and you'll need to put in the code from the manufacturer to reset it. It's a good idea, therefore, to make sure that you have the code on hand and ready to input once the battery has been changed out.


In the Honda CR-V, as in any other car, the battery terminals are an important component because they act as the go-between for the battery and the power lines for the car. However, time and exposure to battery chemicals can lead to the terminals corroding. As such, when you change the battery it's important to make sure that you examine the terminals and clean them off with a wire brush to ensure they're clean and functional.

Tools and Changing

It's important that when you change out the battery you follow the proper procedures and have the right tools on hand. A regular screwdriver is good for opening up the brackets that hold the battery in place. You should also use actual battery terminal pullers to pull the terminals off the battery when changing it out to avoid any damage to the terminals or the battery.

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