Plants to Put in Hanging Baskets

Updated February 21, 2017

Trailing perennials and annuals with cascading branches, colourful flowers and colourful foliage are ideal for hanging baskets. Hanging baskets can spruce up rooms in the house or outdoor patios and porches. Hanging baskets can hang from hooks or brackets indoors and out. Plants used in hanging planters will need proper care, including light and temperature conditions.

Wandering Jew

Wandering Jews are trailing plants that have whitish-purplish-sliver leaves on vines that grow 2 feet or longer. When given at least four hours of direct sunlight with temperatures 15.6 degrees Celsius or higher, the plant will thrive indoors. The soil must be kept moist for the wandering Jew to produce purplish flowers during spring and summer. Pinching back the vine ends will force the plant to grow bushy instead of leggy.

Trailing Coleus

Trailing coleus plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. Coleus plants have colourful leaves ranging from bright green and cream to greenish-red to velvet-dark purple. The stems grow to 3 feet in a mound shape, which looks like a large bushy plant in a hanging basket. The coleus needs direct sunlight for three to four hours day with temperatures over 15.6 degrees Celsius. Trailing coleus plants need moist soil to thrive.

Trailing Petunia

Planting one petunia plant in the centre of a 12-inch hanging basket will produce a trailing petunia plant with colourful flowers. It doesn't take a petunia long to fill a basket when given water, slow-release fertiliser and temperatures above 15.6 degrees Celsius. Hanging baskets can by placed in areas with full sunlight for at least four hours, but will need enough water added weekly to keep the soil moist. The Surfinia petunia is ideal for a hanging basket and will have stems trailing 4 feet long in one growing season.


Impatiens provides colourful flowers on stems reaching lengths of 30 inches, which will cascade around the hanging basket. Plants need temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius with bright light. Plants will produce colourful flowers of red, orange, purple, salmon, pink or white depending on the colour variety you plant. Hanging basket impatiens can be used outdoors or indoors.

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