What is a company portfolio?

Updated March 23, 2017

A company may create a portfolio to showcase the capabilities and strengths of the business's services. The portfolio is a collection of the products, services and achievements of the company. The goal of a company portfolio is to create a presence of the business on the market, attract more customers and to show how the business differs from its direct competitors on the market. The company portfolio is also used as a business strategy to show the growth of the company to attract potential investors and shareholders.

Company Profile

A company portfolio will often include a company profile that discusses what the company is about. This is useful for people who may not have heard about the company before. The company profile should discuss the history of the business, the creator's goal with the business and what purpose the business serves on the current market.

Products and Services

People reading the company portfolio will expect to learn about the company's products or services. The portfolio should include a detailed description of the services or products offered by the company. For example, it can include descriptions of service packages offered along with a description of the targeted audience. This is particularly important if the services are geared toward small or large businesses.

List of Accomplishments

One way of showing the business is capable of handling projects of any size and performing above expectations is to show a list of accomplishments. Mentioning large projects and business names is one effective method of attracting new customers, as people may not know the business but may recognise a larger business the company has worked with. The accomplishments can also include sponsorships for local events, any rewards or recognition the company has received from magazines or foundations along with any initiatives the company has started to help those in need.

Mission Statements, Standards and Objectives

Companies will have mission statements, objectives and a set list of standards that are applied to all the business decisions and transactions made in the business. The company portfolio explains what customers can expect when doing business with the company. For example, the company's mission statement may be to provide innovative and ground-breaking advertising campaigns, so customers should expect creative and new advertising approaches. Sharing the mission statements and objectives is another method of making the business appealing to customers and investors.

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