Hurricane Vase Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Planning reception decor involves choosing a wedding theme and table centrepieces. Hurricane vases are tall, wide glass cylinders commonly used for wedding centrepieces. The word vase may evoke ideas of flowers, but hurricanes hold more than flowers. Ranging from simple to elaborate, hurricane centrepieces provide a colourful addition to wedding reception decor.

Floating Dream

Place a large hurricane vase in the middle of a reception guest table. Fill with water, stopping when the vase is half full. Add waterproof rose petals matching wedding theme colours to the water. Tint the water before adding rose petals, adding colour to a white room. Tie or glue 1-inch ribbon around the top or bottom of the hurricane vase. Alternatives to rose petals include artificial fruits and floating candles.

Minimalistic Flowers

Carefully place smooth river stones onto the bottom of a hurricane vase. Add enough water to cover the stones. Add a few stones to the table around the hurricane vase. Secure the stones to tablecloths with craft glue to prevent them from falling to the floor, causing a safety hazard. Place long-stemmed exotic flowers in the hurricane vases the morning of wedding day.

Candy Lovers Delight

Order candies in wedding-theme colours. Pour candies into hurricane vases the morning of the wedding day. Tie matching 1-inch ribbon around the top or bottom of the hurricane. Place wedding favour boxes filled with candy at each place setting. Give away candy centrepieces when the reception ends.


Pour wedding-themed potpourri into hurricane vases hours before the reception. Potpourri gives white reception tables a blast of colour. Scented potpourri doubles as a room fragrance. Place candles in glass votive holders around the hurricane vase centrepiece.


Attach fresh or artificial flowers to floral wire, creating a wreath. Place wreaths in the middle of the reception tables. Sit hurricane vases in the centre of each wreath. Fill the bottom of a hurricane vase with coloured glass beads. Place a large candle in the centre of the vase. Ask a friend to light candles immediately after the wedding ceremony.


Place rocks 1 inch deep at the bottom of the hurricane vase. Place a small section of floral foam in the middle of the rocks. Add more rocks around the floral foam. Glue a picture of the bride and groom to a thin wooden dowel. Feed the dowel through the opening of the hurricane vase, pressing the end without the photo into the floral foam. Experiment with dowel lengths until the picture sits above the hurricane opening. Glue 1-inch ribbon around the top or bottom of the hurricane vase.

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