Easy Flying Saucer School Science Fair Project Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Science fair project ideas do not have to be boring like watching mould or grass grow. Projects can be interactive and even bridge science and science fiction. Flying saucer school science fair projects can demonstrate aerodynamic principles, experiment with the rules of motion and friction, and research the possibility of travel to other planets.


The frisbee is a real world example of flying saucer science. An example of an elementary or middle school science fair project using a frisbee includes the effects of air currents on distance or direction the frisbee travels. By placing a fan at different points (left, right, above, below, near and far) along an intended path, the student observes the effect of the sudden burst of air on the frisbee's motion. By using a variable speed fan, the student can also observe the effect of wind speed.


Hovercrafts use a cushion of air to eliminate friction and move freely across a surface. A CD or DVD can be converted into a simple flying saucer using the hovercraft principle of motion. Punch a hole in a screw-on bottle cap. Glue a bottle cap top down over the hole on the CD. Blow up a balloon, pinch off the air flow, place the lips of the balloon over the bottle cap and release the balloon. The air escaping through the hole creates a cushion of air and propels the flying saucer. Experimental variables for this project could be size of the hole versus time and/or distance the flying saucer travels, distance the flying saucer travels over various surfaces (carpet, gravel, water, etc.) or amount of weight the flying saucer can support before the air cushion fails.

Remote Control Projects

Hobbyist and learning stores provide kits to make electronic hovercrafts or other flying objects. These kits vary from simple assembly of parts to complex wiring instructions. The student can research the principles of hovercraft movement or flight and present the assembled working model. This project is only suitable for science fairs that accept demonstration projects without an experimental design.

Are UFOs Real?

Possible subject matter includes sightings of flying saucers through the years and recent scientific research to prove or disprove flying saucer sightings. More advanced topics for high school students include research regarding the possibility of long distance space travel or the viability of a saucer shaped air craft. This project is only suitable for science fairs accepting research projects without an experimental design.

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