Fun Print Out Activities for Kids

Written by michelle barry
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Fun Print Out Activities for Kids
Creating printed templates helps a teacher stay organised. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Printing out crafts and activities for students allows you to produce an activity for many children quickly and easily. It also enables you to make sure all the printed templates are uniform and matching. Printing out activities helps you to shape projects and crafts for children who are too young to do it themselves. For example, by supplying the basic outline of an object, it allows the students to simply colour it instead of having to draw it themselves.

Paper Dolls

Print out a basic template for paper dolls for the students. The templates can include a boy doll as well as a girl doll, along with a variety of outfit and accessory items. The dolls can coordinate with a theme, for example, a western theme could have cowboy and cowgirl dolls along with lassos and horses. Invite the students to colour and decorate the dolls, the clothes and the accessories as they wish. The students can cut out the items and dress up their paper dolls.


Create a template for a puzzle by covering a page with intersecting lines and shapes. Print out the template and mount it on a piece of cardboard, cut to the size of the paper. Create a cardboard template for each student. The lines should be a dark black, so they can be seen beneath the child's colouring, therefore you may need to go over your printed template with a black marker. Distribute the puzzle templates to the students and direct them to colour them as they desire. Once the sheets have been coloured and drawn on, instruct the children to cut out the puzzles along the lines of the template. The students can then assemble and disassemble the puzzle as they wish.

Holiday Print Outs

Create a template for a holiday writing activity by writing the letters of the holiday across the top or the sides of a piece of paper. For example, write the word "Thanksgiving" down the left side of the paper. Print out a template for each student and pass them out. Instruct the students to write one thing they are thankful for this Thanksgiving that starts with each letter of the word "Thanksgiving." For example, for the "T" the students could write "television," and for the "H" the students could write "home."


Help entice children to be excited for reading by helping them to create their own bookmarks. Create a template shape for a bookmark and print out on for each child. A typical book mark will be rectangular in shape, approximately an inch wide by four inches long. Place an "X" at the top, in the centre of the bookmark, about a half inch down from the top. Invite students to decorate and cut out their bookmarks. Once they are decorated, punch a hole in the bookmark over the "X" spot. Pass out pieces of yarn to each child that they can tie through the hole as a tassel.

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